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All work performed to the highest level of automotive repair excellence

Haik's is an independent Mercedes repair shop located in the heart of Santa Barbara. Our mechanics are trained in every aspect of auto repair and car service your car may need, from basic oil change, brakes, check engine light repair, water pump replacement, air-conditioning service, to engine repair, transmission service and computer controls.

We have been performing Mercedes car repair for 40 years in the same location and are proud to be a part of the Santa Barbara community.

Every Mercedes auto repair and car service at Haik’s is performed by certified mechanics specialized in Mercedes-Benz.

The next time you are looking for an authorized Mercedes-Benz mechanic, please give us a try and see what Mercedes service satisfaction can mean.

For the best service and auto repair your Mercedes can receive, please visit us at 310 East Cota Street in downtown Santa Barbara. We are conveniently located near the 101 freeway.

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Mercedes - a Sophisticated Machine

Every system in the modern Mercedes-Benz is computer-controlled: engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, steering, lighting, window operation, climate control, and even exhaust and intake. Some Mercedes models have as many as 100 computer control units onboard. In order to repair these systems, sophisticated electronic equipment is required, as well as high-level skills of the mechanic. As Mercedes-Benz specialists, we have the skills, the equipment and the specific knowledge of your particular model Mercedes.

We are equipped to handle the most difficult repairs, as well as normal servicing such as oil changes, brakes, check engine light, water pumps in a cost-effective manner.

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Haik's Mercedes Service Menu

(We offer all the following services and repairs.)

  • Auto Inspection and Diagnostics

Service Engine Soon Light | Inspection | Check Engine Light | Mechanical Trouble-Shooting | Electrical Diagnostic | Pre-Purchase Check of Entire Vehicle | Safety Check

  • Auto Services & Diagnostics

Air-Conditioning | Filter Replacements | Battery | Spark Plugs | Tune-Up | Belts | Brake Fluid Change | Cooling System | Diesel | Differential Fluid | Engine Service | Engine Oil Change | Power Steering Flush | Transfer Case | Transmission Service | And More…

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  • Auto Repairs

Air Bags | A/C Compressor | Alternator | Brake Pads | Brake Rotors | Computer Controls | Cooling System | Water Pump | Thermostat | Diesel Repair | Door Locks | Engine Repair | Electrical Repairs | Electronics | Keys | Ignition Lock | Fluid Leaks | Light Bulbs | Lighting | Mirrors | Catalytic Converters | Mufflers | Oxygen Sensors | Power Steering | Radiator | Seat Belts | Shock Absorbers | Starter | Tire Replacement | Transmission | Window Lifters | And More...

  • Mercedes Repair By Symptom

Running Problems | Starting Problems | Poor handling | Warning Lights | Check Engine Light | ABS Light | Brake Warning | Tire Monitor | SRS | Overheating | A/C Not Cold | Shifting Problems | Car Noises | Oil Leaks | Shaking | Power Windows Not Operating | And More…

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We offer Mercedes factory service as well as Haik’s custom service.

Please call us for an appointment or free consultation.

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See Haik’s Custom Service Schedules

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Mercedes-Benz Factory Service Schedules

Flexible Service System (FSS) and Flexible Service System Plus (FSS+)

Flexible Service System (FSS)

(beginning 1998 for some Mercedes models)

Mercedes-Benz recommended a two-tier service system for its vehicles. The “A” service was a smaller and more basic service. The “B” service was more extensive. The two services alternate approximately every 10K to 12K miles. However, they were also time and driving habit related. If the driver routinely put the vehicle under excessive conditions, the service interval would be shortened. On the other hand, if the car were driven within normal parameters but with less than average miles, the service interval would be extended. In this manner the system was flexible for a particular driver’s driving habits.

The basis for determining time intervals for service was oil-condition related. Mercedes used an oil condition sensor to determine the dirtiness of the oil.

However, although oil-condition was the basis for illuminating the service indicator and reminding customers that a service was due, the FSS did not warn of other service items which were due. For these other service items such as brake fluid change, transmission service, spark plugs, etc., the mechanic servicing the vehicle would need to make the recommendations.

Flexible Service System Plus (FSS+)

(beginning 2003 for some Mercedes models)

The FSS+ also uses the A and B service system. However, after the initial A and B services, the system computer calls for: C, D, E, F, G and H Service. Every other service is still the same A and B service with the exception of additional service items to be performed at given intervals according to mileage, passage of time, and customer’s driving habits. These various additional service items are analyzed by the computer and recommended at the necessary intervals.

Pre-Purchase Check

Bumper to bumper check.

Inspection Car Check (2 Hours)

This car-check inspection is performed for the purpose of determining the maintenance status of a car. It can be carried out in the course of general servicing or as a stand-alone procedure for the purpose of buying or selling a vehicle, or just to know what shape your car is in. It is also used by some customers to determine how long they wish to keep the vehicle.

*Note: An inspection does not include any service work or adjustments to the car.

*(For services see our Major, Mid-Level and Minor Services.)

*Note: Inspection does not include diagnosis of problems such as determining the source of an engine misfire or an oil leak. Diagnosis can be time-consuming and is billed separately.

Inspection List:

Underside of Vehicle

(Visually inspect or physically manipulate each of the following)

  • Suspension System—shock absorbers, struts, mounts, ball joints, control arms, bushings, wheel bearings
  • Steering System Mechanical—wheels, tie rods, drag link, steering damper, idler arm, bushing, steering box, steering gear or steering rack
  • Power Steering System—hoses, belt, power steering pump, steering rack boots, leaks
  • Brake System—pads, discs, calipers, hoses, brake fluid color and age, leaks
  • Exhaust System—holes, damage, rust, leaks, support hangers
  • Oxygen Sensors—proper sealing, age
  • Differential fluid leaks
  • Transmission—cooler lines, fluid level, leaks
  • All leaks—check and attempt to locate source: engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, gasoline, differential gear oil
  • Driveshaft—flex disks, center support: check condition
  • Drive Axles—constant velocity boot condition
  • Fuel filter—check for leaks, age
  • Chassis and Body—check for rust
  • Wheels—check for damageTires—check condition, wear, inflation, nails
Under Hood

(Visually inspect or physically manipulate each of the following)

  • Drive Belts and Serpentine Belt check condition and tension for air-conditioning, power steering, alternator
  • Engine Oil—before changing check level for oil burning or usage
  • Cooling System—color, leaks, hoses, radiator, fluid level
  • Transmission Fluid—level, color, leaks, cooler lines, fluid level (on transmissions with dip stick only)
  • Brake Fluid—reservoir, color, leaks, fluid level
  • Power Steering Fluid—color, leaks, fluid level
  • Windshield Washer System and Fluid—squirting, leaks, fluid level
  • Vacuum Hoses—check condition and leaks
  • Air Filter—check condition, dirt, dust, torn
  • Cabin Filter—check condition, dirt, dust, torn
  • Valve Cover Gaskets—check leaks at perimeter and at spark plug seals where applicable
  • Timing Belt (Audi and Volkswagen) check condition and mileage last changed if available
Interior Cockpit

(Visually inspect or physically manipulate each of the following)

  • Horn operation
  • Interior Lighting—dome, courtesy, instrument cluster, gear selector
  • Gauges registering
  • Gear Selector for tightness
  • Steering Wheel—tightness and smooth turning
  • Power Windows and Switches—function and smooth operation
  • Power Mirrors function
  • Air-Conditioning cooling
  • Heating function

(Visually inspect each of the following for operation and damage)

  • Exterior Lighting System—headlights, high beam, low beam, fog lights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, license plate lights, parking lights, back-up lights
  • Lenses for lights for cracking and discoloration
  • Windshield Wipers—blade condition and operation
  • Windshield Washer system function
  • Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes for Engine (DTC)
  • Reset service indicator
Road Test

(Extended test drive, checking)

  • Brakes
  • Brake shimmy
  • Steering center position and tightness
  • Engine performance
  • Transmission shift
  • Manual transmission clutch operation
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vibrations
  • Turn signal for auto canceling

*Note: Tire pressures are adjusted according to C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) regulations for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption and air pollution.

Mercedes Diagnostics

Diagnostics is a process. Before a repair is performed, it is essential to determine the source of the failure; otherwise parts may be replaced unnecessarily.

Confirmation of the customer's complaint is the first step.

The next step is to determine which system is failing.

And the final step is to pinpoint the exact source of the failure within the system. Sometimes this process is simple. Quite often however, it is quite complex, requiring a lot of testing.

Proper diagnosis is an art and should be respected as part of the repair process. If a mechanic spends two hours locating the problem, that time is work time. I am sometimes asked whether I charge for diagnosis. How can I not charge for time spent to repair a customer’s car? Of course if the diagnosis time is short, the cost is less.

Some Unique Mercedes Problems and Symptoms

  • Engine cranks, but will not start after driving to a destination and stopping for ten minutes.
  • Engine dies while driving.
  • Engine loses power and misses, hesitates; has a rough idle; engine may even stall while driving.
  • Transmission will not shift; remains in a high gear.
  • Engine has misfires and sets a variety of trouble codes. This could be a damaged wiring harness with old, brittle and cracked insulation.
  • Engine misfires.
  • Transmission not shifting properly. It could be the fluid has become contaminated and turned black or dark gray from not being serviced at regular intervals.
  • Suspension sags; one or more corners of the body are sagging down several inches.
  • Chassis knocks or creaks over bumps and dips.
  • Check Engine Light: See our Repairs page.

MBZ Specific Terminology

  • ABC (Active Body Control) suspension
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
  • Active Blind Spot Assist
  • ADS (Active Dampening System) suspension
  • Airmatic suspension
  • ASO (automatic locking differential)
  • ASR (anti-slip regulation)
  • Attention Assist
  • BAS (Brake Assist System)
  • Conductor Plate: This is an electronic plate inside the 722.6 Mercedes automatic transmission which often goes bad and causes shifting problems.
  • Distronic Plus with steering assist (cruise control, automatic distance control, targeted emergency steering intervention) is Mercedes’ name for what is today called ESC (Electronic Stability Control) by the automobile industry. Mercedes is the co-inventor with Robert BOSCH GmbH — See “Electronic Stability Control” on our Repairs page)
  • ETS (Electronic Traction System)
  • 4MATIC Mercedes AWD (four wheel drive)
  • FSS (Flexible Service System)
  • FSS+ (Flexible Service System Plus)
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Parktronic: This is Mercedes’ parking assist program.
  • Pre-Safe
  • 7G-Tronic (coded 722.9) seven speed transmission (first 7 speed transmission ever used on a production passenger car)

MBZ Historical Note

Did you know?…

The Benz Corporation and the Daimler Corporation (today Daimler-Benz) were rival car manufacturers in Germany in the 1890s? Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler never met in person, although their companies merged on June 28,1926.

Did you know?…

Karl Benz is credited with building the world’s first automobile in 1885. It was on January 29, 1886 when Mannheim, Germany granted him the patent for his automobile. The car looked like a giant tricycle.

Gottlieb Daimler, Benz’s competitor in Southern German, patented the first modern engine on April 3, 1885. The engine had been designed by Gottlieb Daimler and his lifelong partner, Wilhelm Maybach. The Daimler corporation built the first car with four wheels and sold their first car in 1892.